Welcome to the home of Demon Design windsurfing sails.

Since 1985 Demon Design have produced the most avanced sails for windsurfing.

'DEMON' make  windsurfing sails that are lighter stronger and faster than any others.

Evidence for this claim are sail ranges such as:

VG7:  The most advanced sail in any class in sailing. No other sailmaker is making anything like it as of July 2016.

VG5:   The benchmark for course racing for the last 28 years. Even VG5s made in 1991 still win races.

Windspeed C4:   Consistently the highest windspeed ratio at speed events.

Red River Wave.   The Classic and unmatched soft wave sail.

VG7 Work in progress 2016.  


Six years since the VG7 prototype first sailed and something very strange has happened. Nobody has copied it yet that we know of!

Different from the VG5. Six years after that prototype every performance sail maker in the world was making copies (even if they didn't know it!).

It may be so different that nobody has worked out what it does yet.

It has proven to be mostly faster than the VG5 especially in stronger winds. Though it can be tricky to get the full potential of the sail in light wind.

The handling of most VG7's is very good, some are almost unreal. The 8.5 Ultra (light) is the best feeling windsurf sail that I have ever used. Feels more like a supernaturally powerful 6M than an 8.5.

The Raceboard VG7 9.5s huge range of adjustment means that it has no real competition except the VG7 8.5 Ultra. It is faster than anything else downwind, by quite a big margin. In 90% of conditions it is faster than anything else upwind as well.

The first non windsurf sail based on the VG7 principals was made in May 2016 for a Firebird Cat.

Finished 2 days before a championship it then won every race of that championship.

It could be that some other sail makers will wonder what’s going on now.


New generation race sail  VG7


A completely new design concept with very different load paths to the VG5.

The VG7 is something very new. We do not know of any other sail in any area of sailing that uses the same concept.

The intention is to have a very adjustable sail with the power and high lift/drag of the VG5 but with more neutral handling. 

The prototype Raceboard 9.5 has been racing at events for 6 weeks and is showing amazing promise for a 'straight off the drawing board' sail.

New International Web Site


To make it easier to find a Demon windsurf sail we have set up 'demonsails.com' 

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